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This platform aims to bridge the gap between Churches, outreach ministries, and individual Christians eager to serve our community. Recognizing that many churches already have outreach initiatives and that God's work is evident in our midst, God's Services seeks to facilitate connections among churches, ministries, and individuals desiring to volunteer as part of Christ's body. By choosing to engage in joint outreach and ministry, we can demonstrate unity within our community and embody His Church. It is my hope to witness a rise in engagement with Nursing Home Ministry, Prison Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Community and Home Repairs, Christmas Ministry, Community Prayer, and others leading us towards a revival as directed by God.

We cordially invite you to become a coordinator for outreach, and we are also open to incorporating your outreach initiatives.

Let's start forming teams.

Joining an outreach ministry group allows you to connect with others, organize events, or simply offer your service for specific ministries. Events can be planned, leaders can motivate, and participants can engage.


No upcoming events at the moment
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